Sung Lee Laundry

The first known laundry in Newfoundland, Sung Lee and Company, was opened by Fong Choy and Szeto Hing in late August of 1895. The St. John's Evening Telegram interviewed Fong Choy shortly upon his arrival. He said they had recently come from Quebec, but they had lived in Halifax for seven years. "Yes, we will start a laundry here," he told the reporter, "we were advised in Quebec to come here." Within a few days of arriving, Fong Choy and Szeto Hing had found a building for their laundry at the southeast corner of New Gower and Holdsworth Streets. They put advertisements in both the Evening Telegram and the Daily News announcing the opening. They operated the laundry for a number of years, but sometime before 1908, the laundry's name was changed to Yee Lee, suggesting a change in ownership. By the early 1920s, the business had moved a few doors west, to the southwest corner of New Gower and Holdsworth Streets. It continued to serve customers there until the 1960s.

Ad for Sung Lee Laundry, from Evening Telegram